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There is something exciting about entering a new year with a full load of action-packed projects coming up. SOM Footwear is gearing up to the next level, and loves to count you in on the journey. 


Our shoemaker is always striving to offer you a better product, and the best way to do that is to find out what our active SOM-o do with their SOMs. Over the years, whenever we have had the opportunity to communicate with you, we have learned that among our customers there are butchers, bakers, chefs, pharmacists, nurses, surgeons, Zumba teachers and dancers, runners, backpackers, and more. It is always a pleasure to hear from someone who spends hours on their feet, saying how much they appreciate being comfortable in their SOMs during their daily life.

We know there is always a place for improvement, and we have always been listening to what you have to say in order to improve our product. Now the time is right to capture more specifically what you would like us to improve. In the coming weeks, our customers will receive an email survey to help our shoemaker tailor* his future models to your needs.  As a sincere SOM thank you for your input, we’ll have several gift baskets with Colorado made products to give away.  

*Tailor warning! As always, there are limitations to what we can do. For example, it is not yet possible for us to make a boot or an ice skate as we’ve been requested. For those specifically, please keep hoping!  :-)

A gift basket to thank you for helping our shoemaker.



This past year has seen great transformations for SOM Footwear. The demand is continuing to grow, and so is our production line. In a few months, you’ll hear how this significant phase for our company will allow us to expand, increase the scope of our production, and be able to respond to demand in a more efficient way.  

Excitement is in the air at SOM Footwear! We are thrilled with our new model and can hardly wait to unveil it! We have taken our regular model the Norwood and added a burst of color and changed a few details. We’ll announce its official introduction in a couple of weeks!  

Flare Glimpse


If you have kept the Red on your radar, remember it is going away very soon. We have done several small batches and the roll will soon be gone.  If you are interested, you need to send us an email (somteam@somfootwear.com) so we can add you to the last batch planned in the coming weeks. This model combines the joy of color with the durability of a cordura upper. If you've been waiting for your pair of red shoes, now's the time to snatch one up before they're no longer available!

And  - no pressure!  -  but our fun casual Bicycles and bamboo cozy comfortable Flannels, both limited editions, also have only a few more available.

Limited Edition Red, Bicycles and Flannels


This new year has brought us a new challenge already: our customer service representative for the past year, Rachel, has taken the decision to move on to new adventures. She has done a really great job for us and her boundless energy and spirit will be sorely missed here at SOM. But we believe it is important to pursue our dreams, and from our hearts we wish Rachel all success in her freelance career.

It is our pleasure to welcome Brett Handrahan as our new team member and customer service representative. You’ll quickly notice her warm heart and dedication to making your SOM Footwear experience as enjoyable as possible. 

SOM Team at work!

Our full-time team consists of five dedicated and passionate people, and we are planning to expand this coming year. We rarely talk about the importance of the “behind the scenes” SOM Team members.  Without our photographer’s prompt responses to our last-minute calls, we wouldn't make deadlines. How would we look without our graphic designer’s professional work? Not to mention our useful, persnickety editor who makes our communications much clearer. Additionally, our precious CAD guy, CPA, and lawyer, and then there are our mentors and saviors who generously give their time coaching and coming to our rescue when needed. Wait and see the creativity of our new marketing member!  A warm shout-out to Aaron, Bill, Bond, Carl, Doug, Gary, John, Louise, Lu Anne, Mark, Richard, Sheri, Shirley, Sophie, and Tyler.  Thank you all for actively being part of SOM’s adventures and journey!

On behalf of SOM Team, I wish you all many fun SOMs adventures!

Nathalie Bouchard - SOM Team Co-Founder and CFO


  • What is the total stack height of SOM shoes? The specification page lists a 8mm Vibram sole, however, there are usually additional materials added for support which increases the overall height.
    Can you provide pictures of the Vibram sole pattern? Are all the soles the same pattern type?
    As a minimalist runner who prefers sandals, the closer to the ground the better.
    Runfree, runfar.

  • Mark, We really appreciate your comments and feedback. For a brown shoe with a black sole, the SO Me! are customized where you would pick the fabric for the shoe. Please email us for more information on the SO Me! We will continue to make our shoes in the USA.

    SOM Team - Brett
  • Paula, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We appreciate every comment and review them regularly as a team, especially as we plan for any model changes. We certainly want to continue making shoes for the next 30 years! :-)

    SOM Team - Brett
  • Love your shoes and customer service, I’m your first size 16 and thank you. They fit great. Big feet normally don’t like bright colors. The black are fantastic but thinking a dark brown with black bottom would look good. Just an idea. Thanks and please continue to make your shoes in the USA and I will be a continuing customer!

    Mark Keough
  • Cathy! Very nice to hear from you. As you can tell, we keep going. ;-)

    Nina, please note that we do now offer smaller sizes to bigger sizes. From 4 Men’s (5.5 Women’s) to 16 Men’s (17.5" Women’s).


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